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Closest Airport to Junmachi airport (GAJ), Japan

Junmachi airport - view flight list

Airport nameJunmachi
IATA Airport CodeGAJ
Cheap flights2
Cheap airlines1

Closest Airport to Junmachi airport (GAJ), Japan

Sendai at 56.49 km.   See all flights from Sendai 18 flights
Shonai at 67.73 km.   See all flights from Shonai 0 flights
Niigata at 120.29 km.   See all flights from Niigata 3 flights
Fukushima at 130.60 km.   See all flights from Fukushima 11 flights
Akita at 146.99 km.   See all flights from Akita 150 flights
Aeromexico operates 140 flights in the Junmachi airport (GAJ), Japan area LATAM operates 29 flights in the Junmachi airport (GAJ), Japan area Peach operates 4 flights in the Junmachi airport (GAJ), Japan area Skymark operates 3 flights in the Junmachi airport (GAJ), Japan area Air Do operates 3 flights in the Junmachi airport (GAJ), Japan area Tiger Airways operates 2 flights in the Junmachi airport (GAJ), Japan area

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Cities near Junmachi airport (GAJ), Japan

Ashizawa (distance between Ashizawa and Junmachi airport: 25.97 km) at 25.97 km
Aterazawa (distance between Aterazawa and Junmachi airport: 14.29 km) at 14.29 km
Funagata (distance between Funagata and Junmachi airport: 32.42 km) at 32.42 km
Higashi (distance between Higashi and Junmachi airport: 39.24 km) at 39.24 km
Higashine (distance between Higashine and Junmachi airport: 5.26 km) at 5.26 km
Hirasawa (distance between Hirasawa and Junmachi airport: 41.23 km) at 41.23 km
Kaishu (distance between Kaishu and Junmachi airport: 18.70 km) at 18.70 km
Kaminoyama (distance between Kaminoyama and Junmachi airport: 28.56 km) at 28.56 km
Kanisawa (distance between Kanisawa and Junmachi airport: 4.14 km) at 4.14 km
Kiyomizu (distance between Kiyomizu and Junmachi airport: 42.41 km) at 42.41 km
Koshiji (distance between Koshiji and Junmachi airport: 47.47 km) at 47.47 km
Magara (distance between Magara and Junmachi airport: 41.38 km) at 41.38 km
Nagai (distance between Nagai and Junmachi airport: 43.92 km) at 43.92 km
Nagamatsu (distance between Nagamatsu and Junmachi airport: 24.01 km) at 24.01 km
Nagatoro (distance between Nagatoro and Junmachi airport: 6.21 km) at 6.21 km
Nikke (distance between Nikke and Junmachi airport: 44.22 km) at 44.22 km
Nogawa (distance between Nogawa and Junmachi airport: 6.08 km) at 6.08 km
Obanazawa (distance between Obanazawa and Junmachi airport: 22.84 km) at 22.84 km
Osumi (distance between Osumi and Junmachi airport: 18.94 km) at 18.94 km
Sado (distance between Sado and Junmachi airport: 45.30 km) at 45.30 km
Sagae (distance between Sagae and Junmachi airport: 8.73 km) at 8.73 km
Sakaida (distance between Sakaida and Junmachi airport: 42.94 km) at 42.94 km
Sawauchi (distance between Sawauchi and Junmachi airport: 36.70 km) at 36.70 km
Semi (distance between Semi and Junmachi airport: 39.62 km) at 39.62 km
Shinjo (distance between Shinjo and Junmachi airport: 40.32 km) at 40.32 km
Shiraiwa (distance between Shiraiwa and Junmachi airport: 11.66 km) at 11.66 km
Shitsu (distance between Shitsu and Junmachi airport: 33.28 km) at 33.28 km
Sugiyama (distance between Sugiyama and Junmachi airport: 27.88 km) at 27.88 km
Takahata (distance between Takahata and Junmachi airport: 46.83 km) at 46.83 km
Tazawa (distance between Tazawa and Junmachi airport: 17.48 km) at 17.48 km
Tendo (distance between Tendo and Junmachi airport: 5.17 km) at 5.17 km
Tomisawa (distance between Tomisawa and Junmachi airport: 40.38 km) at 40.38 km
Tomiya (distance between Tomiya and Junmachi airport: 45.31 km) at 45.31 km
Tomizawa (distance between Tomizawa and Junmachi airport: 15.32 km) at 15.32 km
Wago (distance between Wago and Junmachi airport: 19.74 km) at 19.74 km
Yamabe (distance between Yamabe and Junmachi airport: 14.13 km) at 14.13 km
Yamagiwa (distance between Yamagiwa and Junmachi airport: 45.25 km) at 45.25 km
Yamanobe (distance between Yamanobe and Junmachi airport: 14.92 km) at 14.92 km
Yoshioka (distance between Yoshioka and Junmachi airport: 44.65 km) at 44.65 km
Yusawa (distance between Yusawa and Junmachi airport: 9.72 km) at 9.72 km

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