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Closest Airport to Brunstad, Norway

Closest Airport to Brunstad, Norway

Hovden at 29.79 km.   See all flights from Hovden 2 flights
Vigra at 41.45 km.   See all flights from Vigra 124 flights
Aro at 58.10 km.   See all flights from Aro 122 flights
Sandane at 64.16 km.   See all flights from Sandane 2 flights
Kvernberget at 107.71 km.   See all flights from Kvernberget 21 flights
Bringeland at 111.94 km.   See all flights from Bringeland 2 flights
Norwegian operates 208 flights in the Brunstad, Norway area LATAM operates 45 flights in the Brunstad, Norway area Wideroe operates 10 flights in the Brunstad, Norway area Eastern Airways operates 6 flights in the Brunstad, Norway area Eurowings operates 3 flights in the Brunstad, Norway area WizzAir operates 1 flights in the Brunstad, Norway area

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Cities near Brunstad, Norway

Aalesund (distance between Aalesund and Brunstad, Norway: 33.19 km) at 33.19 km
Aure (distance between Aure and Brunstad, Norway: 11.93 km) at 11.93 km
Barstadvik (distance between Barstadvik and Brunstad, Norway: 23.08 km) at 23.08 km
Bjerke (distance between Bjerke and Brunstad, Norway: 23.07 km) at 23.07 km
Brandal (distance between Brandal and Brunstad, Norway: 37.01 km) at 37.01 km
Brattvåg (distance between Brattvag and Brunstad, Norway: 35.48 km) at 35.48 km
Brusdal (distance between Brusdal and Brunstad, Norway: 23.57 km) at 23.57 km
Dyrkorn (distance between Dyrkorn and Brunstad, Norway: 20.84 km) at 20.84 km
Eidsdal (distance between Eidsdal and Brunstad, Norway: 25.30 km) at 25.30 km
Ferde (distance between Ferde and Brunstad, Norway: 31.70 km) at 31.70 km
Fiksdal (distance between Fiksdal and Brunstad, Norway: 36.49 km) at 36.49 km
Hareid (distance between Hareid and Brunstad, Norway: 34.40 km) at 34.40 km
Hellesylt (distance between Hellesylt and Brunstad, Norway: 26.61 km) at 26.61 km
Hjørungavåg (distance between Hjorungavag and Brunstad, Norway: 32.36 km) at 32.36 km
Holenatle (distance between Holenatle and Brunstad, Norway: 27.56 km) at 27.56 km
Hovdebygda (distance between Hovdebygda and Brunstad, Norway: 34.50 km) at 34.50 km
Hundeidvik (distance between Hundeidvik and Brunstad, Norway: 14.90 km) at 14.90 km
Ikornnes (distance between Ikornnes and Brunstad, Norway: 11.06 km) at 11.06 km
Korshavn (distance between Korshavn and Brunstad, Norway: 30.66 km) at 30.66 km
Langevaag (distance between Langevaag and Brunstad, Norway: 30.01 km) at 30.01 km
Langevåg (distance between Langevag and Brunstad, Norway: 30.01 km) at 30.01 km
Lovik (distance between Lovik and Brunstad, Norway: 32.31 km) at 32.31 km
Myklebost (distance between Myklebost and Brunstad, Norway: 29.77 km) at 29.77 km
Orskog (distance between Orskog and Brunstad, Norway: 21.51 km) at 21.51 km
orstavik (distance between orstavik and Brunstad, Norway: 28.20 km) at 28.20 km
Ramstad (distance between Ramstad and Brunstad, Norway: 16.01 km) at 16.01 km
Sjoholt (distance between Sjoholt and Brunstad, Norway: 21.27 km) at 21.27 km
Skodje (distance between Skodje and Brunstad, Norway: 24.18 km) at 24.18 km
Slyngstad (distance between Slyngstad and Brunstad, Norway: 28.88 km) at 28.88 km
Spjelkavik (distance between Spjelkavik and Brunstad, Norway: 24.16 km) at 24.16 km
Standal (distance between Standal and Brunstad, Norway: 13.46 km) at 13.46 km
Stavik (distance between Stavik and Brunstad, Norway: 25.37 km) at 25.37 km
Stranda (distance between Stranda and Brunstad, Norway: 11.36 km) at 11.36 km
Stranden (distance between Stranden and Brunstad, Norway: 11.36 km) at 11.36 km
Sæbø (distance between Saebo and Brunstad, Norway: 13.90 km) at 13.90 km
Sövik (distance between Sovik and Brunstad, Norway: 34.12 km) at 34.12 km
Tennfjord (distance between Tennfjord and Brunstad, Norway: 26.32 km) at 26.32 km
Tomra (distance between Tomra and Brunstad, Norway: 34.06 km) at 34.06 km
Valderhaug (distance between Valderhaug and Brunstad, Norway: 37.22 km) at 37.22 km
Valldal (distance between Valldal and Brunstad, Norway: 34.67 km) at 34.67 km
Vatne (distance between Vatne and Brunstad, Norway: 29.73 km) at 29.73 km
Vegsund (distance between Vegsund and Brunstad, Norway: 22.07 km) at 22.07 km
Velle (distance between Velle and Brunstad, Norway: 1.72 km) at 1.72 km
Vold (distance between Vold and Brunstad, Norway: 20.45 km) at 20.45 km
Volda (distance between Volda and Brunstad, Norway: 34.55 km) at 34.55 km
Volden (distance between Volden and Brunstad, Norway: 34.55 km) at 34.55 km
Ålesund (distance between alesund and Brunstad, Norway: 33.19 km) at 33.19 km
Ørsta (distance between Orsta and Brunstad, Norway: 29.79 km) at 29.79 km

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